24 Inch Arc Rulerwork Quilting Template

24 inch Arc quilting rulerwork template.

Laser engraved and cut 1/4 inch thick clear cast acrylic.

The 24" Arc is based on a 24" diameter circle. The template is 10" wide.

This template is designed for rulerwork on a free motion longarm machine (with a ruler platform), a stationary longarm, or a domestic machine with a high shank ruler foot.

* Quilting Templates allow guided free motion quilting on domestic sewing machines using a ruler foot.

Please take the time to measure from the screw hole in the shank when  the presser foot is in the down position, to the throat plate of your machine. This should measure approx. 1/2" for short or low shank, 3/4" for mid shank, and  1" for high shank.

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