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Angel Oak Stitchery is an online quilt shop dedicated to providing quality fabrics and notions for all of your quilting needs. We proudly offer a wide variety of batiks, reproduction, collegiate, and designer fabrics from leading manufacturers. We are committed to bringing you fresh new products and inspiration for your projects. Our goal is to provide quality customer care to ensure that your shopping experience with Angel Oak Stitchery is delightful.
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New Arrivals

Dragonfly Batik

$11.70 per Yard

Twinkle Star Pattern

$27.00 Each

Mini Delight Pattern

$6.50 Each

Diamond Double Pattern

$9.00 Each

Iron on Vinyl Gloss HeatnBond

$4.79 per Yard

Mini Tasty Pattern

$6.50 Each

Mini Lotus Pattern

$6.50 Each

Elegant Star Pattern

$12.00 Each

Spiral Motion Pattern

$12.00 Each

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